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Complete Programs

These are complete programs ready for use. The downloads are fully functional trial versions which are restricted to a limited number of records. If you decide to register a program, the registered version can be installed without losing any data you have already entered.
  • PTracker - an "issue list on steroids" for project managers.
  • Trak-It SP for Real Estate Sign Posts - save time and money running your real estate sign post business.
  • AIMS Nav Log - for VFR pilots who enjoy the challenge of pilotage rather then "just follow the line" navigation.
Alpha Five Functions, Scripts, and Addins

These functions and scripts are provided for Alpha Five developers. Whether you are developing an application as a consultant or just for yourself or your company, these are routines that have been developed to solve specific issues and reduce your development time. Some of these routines are free (F), some are available as trial versions (T) that can be tested before purchasing, and some are only available for purchase (P).

Check back regularly as this list is expected to grow.

Unless noted, all addins work in Alpha Five versions 5 through 7 and the install file will install the addin to each version of Alpha Five that is found on your computer.

  • AIMS Grab Bag  (P) - a "grab bag" of various utility routines - get max field length used, compact data dictionaries, add passwords to scripts, list scripts by date revised, sort the clipboard, and many more.
  • AIMS App Analyzer  (T) - The AIMS App Analyzer creates a list showing where all layouts, scripts, functions, indexes, saved operations, table names, index names, or other user specified text is referenced in an application. The list is used to determine where changes need to be made when updating an application and as a final review before releasing changes.
  • AIMS Application Registration addin  (P) - The AIMS Registration addin is used to securely register an application intended for general distribution.
  • AIMS Create Index Rebuild  (P) - The AIMS Create Index Rebuild function automatically creates a function called Index_Rebuild_Auto() that will rebuild all indexes in your application to their original definition. The new function takes only seconds to build and is automatically stored in your Code tab. This makes it very quick and easy to create a new rebuild routine whenever indexes are changed. A number of options are available for running it with or without user interaction.
  • Fix Array Brackets  (P) - In version 6, arrays must be defined with square brackets rather than parenthesis or the script will crash. This routine can be used with older applications to convert all array variables for all scripts and functions at once. It even fixes arrays used in form events. It can be used in version 5 to "pre-convert" or in version 6 if you discover problems after starting an update.
          Example: 276 scripts, 59 forms, 297 changes in about two minutes. Time saved - many hours!
  • AIMS Script Formatter  (F) - New Feature added in version 119. This formats your xbasic code according to your own personal preferences. (updated 10-11-05)
  • AIMS Code Size  (F) - This is just for fun. It counts lines, words, and characters in your xbasic code.
  • Delete Operations  (F) - This routine makes it easier and faster to delete multiple Saved Operations at once.
  • AIMS_Group_Format  (P) - The AIMS_Group_Format addin is an Alpha Five addin that allows you to "lasso" multiple, even unrelated, objects on a form and modify the format of groups of objects all at once. For example, you can lasso everything on a frame - including the frame, field labels, graphics, buttons, and fields - and select "read-only" and, since read-only only applies to fields, all the fields will be set to "read-only" with one action.
  • AIMS Backup  (P) (previously A5v5 Backup) - Backup all data files or all application files for any application with this routine. Also allows the developer to define additional files/folders to be included in the backup and allows files to be restored on a file by file basis. This routine makes it easy for remote users to provide you with their latest data and allows developers to make quick backups before running updates or other changes that could accidentally destroy data.
  • A5v1 Y2k_Fix  (F) - This routine is specifically for users of Alpha Five version 1 who are having date problems as a result of the century change.
  • A5Doc Lister  (T) - (This is still available for versions 5 and 6 but it has basically been replaced by the AIMS App Analyzer above.) Adds a new level of functionality to the A5Doc program! Quickly search the A5Doc results for the location of every reference to all forms, reports, letters, scripts, functions, saved operations, or indexes at one time. Use this list to speed up your application changes or debugging. Rather than running 150 separate searches to find out if/where all your scripts are used, run one search to list all of them at once! Even shows items that are not referenced. And, immediately refer back to the same list tomorrow without re-running the search!
  • Opt_net_v5  (F) - This is the latest version of the Opt_net_v5 routine that was posted in the A5 Code Archive. There is little use for this in version 6 or later. (It does contain a routine to get the application's network optimize number from the server if you need it for some reason.)
  • A5v4 XBasic Help File  (F) - This is the last version of the A5v4Help file created by AIMS DataCom to document XBasic commands. This help file has extensive keywords and links to improve your chances of finding just the right command.
  • A5v5 XBasic Help File  (F) - This is an update to the A5v4Help file listed above. This latest version includes all the version 5 functions currently listed in the PDF XBasic Reference Manual.
  • Auto Increment Function  (F) - This function is used in network situations to reduce the possibility of two users creating a new record with the same auto-increment field value at the same time.

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