XBasic Help File for A5v5

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This Help file was originally distributed on 8/28/99 as A5v4Help and has been updated to include all the A5v5 functions listed in the XBasic Reference Manual plus a few other items from the Alpha Five Version 5 message board. It has also been updated with xbasic commands from later versions whenever I've found that a command was hard to locate in Alpha's help file or I wanted to add other information.

NOTE: It is intended for reference only - it is not a tutorial document.

To learn more about how the Help file was constructed and how to use it, go to the A5v4 Help page.


Sometime in 1999: Alpha will soon be coming out with an improved Help file of their own but this one was so close to being completed that I decided to go ahead and finish it. From what I know at this time, I believe that Alpha's new help file will have more examples so it will be better for those who want to use it as a tutorial. The advantages of the AIMS A5v5 Help file are: TRIAL VERSION:

There is no trial version anymore. This is now a free download.


We have also begun work on an XDialog Help file but it is only about 10% complete as of March 2003. (And as off 2005 it's a dead project.)

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