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Code Size Addin

Download Installation File

View/Download Script as text file

What is the AIMS Code Size addin?

This addin is just for fun. It allows you to quickly see how many lines, words, and characters are in (1) individual scripts or functions, or (2) the current code editor, or (3) all scripts or all functions, or (4) all scripts and functions. There was actually a reason for checking one script (I needed it for my Script_Formatter code) but once I figured out how to do it, I decided to make a standard routine out of it.

The script itself can be downloaded above as the raw text if you want to study it. However, the easiest way to add it to your own system is to use the installation program which installs all 3 files needed to run it. Check the Readme file in the install program for usage instructions.

Running AIMS Code Size addin:

  • A5v5 must be restarted after installing the addin.
  • When actually editing xbasic code, go to the menu bar and click Code/Addins to start the Code Size addin.
  • When in the Code tab of the Control Panel, either select Code from the menu or right click in the white area and click Addins at the bottom of the drop-down list.
  • The rest should be self-explanatory.
What files will be installed?

  • AIMS_Code_size.aex will be installed in the Addins_installed folder under the folder where your A5v5 program was installed. This is the file that actually contains the code.
  • AIMS_Code_size.code_editor and AIMS_Code_size.new_code will be installed in the Control_Panel_Addins folder under the folder where the full version of your A5v5 program was installed. These files add icons to the "Addins" selection when you right click in the blank area of the Code tab or on the Code Editor menu (Code/Addins) when you are actually editing code.
Version History

101  02-15-04
  • Fixed a problem counting scripts or functions. This did not affect the line count, word count, or character count. I did not catch the fact that the script was doing a word count rather than a line count when counting scripts because I never leave blank spaces in script or function names. As a result, the script count would be too high when blank spaces were used.
100  01-14-04
  • Initial Release.

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