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AIMS Pilot Log  
Download AIMS Pilot Log:

The AIMS Pilot Log is a free computerized log book.

Full Install:  AIMS Pilot Log Install v1000

Latest Update:  None - This is an initial release.
If you should find a problem with the latest update, Contact Us and we'll try to fix it as soon as possible.
Feature requests will be handled at the developer's discretion and based on time available. (Hey, it's free!)

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What is AIMS Pilot Log?

The AIMS Pilot Log is simply a database for storing and totalling your pilot log info electronically on your own PC.

Here are some of the ...


  • Stores airplane informatation for an unlimited number of airplanes. The stored information includes N-Number, Class, Horsepower, C/S Prop, Retractable, and Tailwheel so it only needs to be entered once. When the N-Number is entered in a log entry, the other information is brought in automatically.
  • Stores CFI Name, Number, and Expiration date for an unlimited number of CFIs. (data is also saved with each record so you have a record of the expiration date at the time of the flight)
  • Capacity to record at least 4 million flights.
  • Database of over 5000 airports. Others can easily be added by the user.
  • Automatically determines the direct distance from the starting airport to the furthest point of landing and marks the record as a 25 or 50 mile cross-country as appropriate.
  • Automatically shows total hours, landings, etc. right on the input form.
  • Quick reports of all details for the last 90 days, 1 year, or all records. The user can also enter any desired date range.
  • Data entry is organized for speed. This means some things are not entered in the same sequence as a standard, printed logbook.
  • "Smart data entry" skips over fields that don't apply. For example, if no dual time or ground training time is entered, the CFI information will be skipped.
  • "Smart data entry" checks totals when saving the record. For example, if you entered a total time of 1.3 hours and 1.3 hours of "Nite" time but accidentally marked the landings as "Day" landings, the record would not be saved until you corrected the data.
  • Built-in backup routine saves the data in zip format to any drive including memory sticks. Restoring data is also easy.
  • One-button export to Excel.

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