PTracker  Forms
Click the items below to see sample input forms:

Task View
This is the screen that's used 99% of the time.  It shows the all the information about one task with action items listed on the second tab.

Project View
This screen is used to input and update basic Project information.  It is seldom used once the initial data is entered.

Part Status
Although not specifically a part of task management, many project managers are expected to keep track of what's happening with parts. This optional screen allows you to track and report on part status by project.

Maintenance Menu
This screen is used to access the various maintenance needs to keep PTracker up-to-date.

PTracker even comes with it's own, full-featured address book.

NOTE:  The forms currently shown are from version 4 of PTracker.  The version 5 forms have a different look but the same basic functionality.