Alphadex Screen

PTracker even has it's own, free, full-featured address book. Of course, using it is optional. To find a number, simply click the first letter of the last name until the name appears in the browse list on the right and then click the name in the list. If you don't remember the name, simply click the 'Locate Text' button and enter search text - the Alphadex will search every field of every record, including the comments, until it finds the one you are looking for.

Clicking the "Print" button provides a number of automated options for printing:  a standard listing by last name or by company, a cross-reference which lists all the names for each company (this is a great help when you can't remember the name but you do remember the company), even print an update for last names beginning with one specific letter rather than having to print the whole list every time.  You can also select paper size of either 8.5 x 11 or 5.5 x 8.5 for smaller planners.