PTracker Download - Trial Version      

Download the version for current users of the Alpha Five v6 or v7 database. (3 MB)

Download Version 5.04  This will be the last update for Alpha Five version 5.

Contact if you would like to try PTracker but do not already have a copy of the Alpha Five database installed on your computer.

The installation file is a trial version limited to 5 projects and 75 tasks. Once registered, the trial limit is removed. To register, pay with PayPal below or send a check then click the About button on the main menu - there is a Registration button at the bottom of the About screen to walk you through the process.

The download file is an installation program that will install the necessary files to your system and put a PTracker icon on your desktop. The application can be uninstalled by opening the Windows Control Panel and selecting Add/Remove Programs.

Need a registration number? Order on-line via PayPal for just $49 ....
Version Changes:
700: 01-22-06
- Updated to work with Alpha Five version 6 or 7. (Will no longer work with version 5.)
- Add a new Task report that will print multiple individual task reports for one project at a time. These can be distributed to the project member responsible for each task as a way to let them know which tasks they will need to provide status on at the next project meeting. This is much more effective than asking them to read the last minutes.
504: 01-22-06
- Last version 5 update. Fixed some registrations issues in the previous version.
- Includes the new ability to print multiple task reports at once described in version 700.
503: 12-24-04
- Fixed field name reference. When changing a task's activity level, a field name was mis-spelled and caused an error.
- Fixed field and index references to Actions table. Field and index names in the Actions table were changed for version 5 and some scripts had not yet been updated.
- Fixed Alphadex letter selection buttons so they will 'cycle through' a group of names for any given letter. This feature always existed in previous versions but was lost in v5 due to changes in the way index names are returned. It is now fixed.
502: 12-16-03
- Added a Follow-up List button to the Main Menu and Task Menu which allows a quick overview of all tasks requiring follow-up. The list can be selected by "All" or "Person Responsible". Double clicking a line will show the Task View with all the details.
- Fixed non-standard button colors on Alphadex II that would appear completely black on some systems.
501: 12-10-03
This is the first release for version 5.