What is PTracker?

PTracker is a program for tracking, follow-up, and reporting on the status of specific tasks or actions within the larger project activities.  Typical project management programs were designed primarily for scheduling or for documenting but are not very good for tracking, follow-up, and creating status reports.

PTracker makes it easier to maintain the project timing chart because the issue details are handled, tracked, and reported more efficiently.  There is even a special report designed to help with project timing updates by presenting a simple graphic representation of issue status.

PTracker is the only program designed specifically to help the project manager control the project by providing an easy way to track and follow-up on current issues while still keeping a history of closed issues and providing reports that can be used to inform others of new tasks or get updates on current tasks.

PTracker complements project scheduling software - it does not replace it.  Project scheduling software should still be used for tracking overall project schedules, milestones, resources, budgets, etc.  PTracker should be used for tracking the current status of specific tasks which are important enough to require regular follow-up &/or reporting by the project manager.  Using PTracker to track the status of current tasks or issues, whether they are itemized in the timing chart or not, makes it easier to see when follow-up is due, obtain updates from project members, and provide better reports to team members and management.