PTracker  Reports
Click the items below to see sample input forms and reports:

Task List Report  (HTML Version)
This report was printed for 'all' tasks.  There are numerous other print selection options.
Action Item Report  (HTML Version)
This report shows all action items for one person grouped by Project and Task Number.  Other selection options are available.
Individual Task Report  (HTML Version)
This report shows all the details for one task.  It is an excellent tool for getting status updates.  Just send it to the person responsible with a simple note asking for an update.
Project Description Report
This report shows the general information about the project.  The standard report shows only basic info.  The sample report also shows the Task List, Action Items, Financials, and Milestones.

There are other selection criteria that can be used for the above reports and additional reports showing a simple timing chart, part status, follow-up items, and a list of all projects.